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Harman offers the Automotive OEM a complete connected car communications solution. This includes Vehicle-to-Vehicle, or V2V, Vehicle to Infrastructure/V2I and V2X - Vehicle to everything.

The company deploy an intelligent communications hub - Telematics Control Unit (TCU). This enables various modules and associated telematics solutions to support a wide and growing range of functions, including emergency calls, Real time traffic reports, Service booking, Routing and planning. The Telematics system can also interact directly with cloud-based analytics and server platforms, offering the car maker a managed services platform facilitating infotainment and various other vehicle system options and updates.

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Harman telematics

 Intelligent Navigation solutions - Harman

Platform Based embedded infotainment design solutions - Harman

Navdy Head up Display for the connected car, by JBL Harman

autonomous drive button 150 height

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