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New Autonomous Mobility Platform company -

There is a new Autonomous Mobility Platform company emerging called Founded by engineers, they claim to have an application agnostic, Self-driving vehicle operating system that will not fail.

The software stack is designed to integrate into most existing systems with ease and will serve as the enterprise version of an open-source software middleware for robotics - see

One of the companies founders stated that most companies concentrate their expertise in building applications that consumer need or desire, but many lack in the area of safety-critical processes. To meet this, Apex have built a framework that enable inexperienced developers to build safe and secure systems.

The companies claim that its system will never fail is due to built-in redundancies, ensuring that any single failures will not create a system-wide failure. Every line of code is covered and all the safety-critical processes get the right amount of computing time required.

This platform can be used in all autonomous systems — ranging from cars to drones to flying taxis.

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