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SafetyNex adaptive cruise control predictive brake systs

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SafetyNex adaptive cruise control & predictive brake systems


Imagine a robotized car that would slow down automatically when approaching a tiny curve, or an intersection or a priority, of a stop sign etc ... if needed (i.e. if and only if the current speed and acceleration of the car is not appropriate to the driving context). Sounds interesting ?

It would be then "smooth anticipation braking" (from 0.1 to 0.3 g) instead of "emergency braking" (so easier to do and not that disturbing for driver and passengers comfort in the car). Doing this, the car dramatically decreases the probability to be kept in a dangerous situation and it let much more margin to emergency brake if still needed.

Finally, it would mean that the car follows road traffic code plus safety rules (anticipation).

This is easy to achieve using NEXYAD real time driving risk assessment module SafetyNex : SafetyNex reads "Electronic Horizon" (reading POIs and decoding shape and dimensions of the infrastructure ahead), "GPS", "accelerometer", and can accept additional inputs such as "time to collision", "size of free space", "position in the lane", "atmospheric visibility", alert data streams (weather, accident, traffic, ...). All those heterogenous data are used (data fusion) to estimate driving risk in real time : Driving Risk (t)

Then everytime that Driving Risk comes higher than an acceptable threshold value, the robotized car slightly slows down ... and that's it !

SafetyNex is the result of 15 years of collaborative research and it works.

Markets : Car insurance and fleet managers (for real time alert and risk profiles recording), ADAS (for automatic predictive/anticipation brake), and Driverless car (Automated car that follows Road Traffic Code).

SafetyNex is Under deployment, please feel free to try it and put it into your own products (available as an API).


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