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Volvos self driving vision of the future - Driverless

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Volvos self driving vision of the future

Volvo announced this week that it is now working with internet giant Baidu, to develop and build level 4 Self driving cars in China. This represents a major shift in Volvos autonomous vehicle development activities. The companies have not given an exact launch date, but hope to have the vehicles ready for mass production within a few years. 

Along with this announcement, Volvo is now looking at the entire picture of the emerging mobility world and has released a company video to show their ideas for the future, using their 360c concept. This not so much shows the details of this amazing vehicle, but what you can do with the concept of autonomous travel, even including such things as fitting beds into cars to enable sleep whilst journeying. This can then for example replace long distance travel on trains and domestic aeroplane flights. It also touches upon car ownership, sharing, car parking and future mobility in general.

By Volvo Cars

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