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Vivante Automotive Semiconductor Technology solutions

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  • People spend significant amounts of time in their car – whether commuting, going on a family road trip, or running errands. The car has evolved from a mode of transportation into another comfort zone that extends the personal lives of driver and passenger outside the home. Many of the same user experience requirements found in consumer devices are also now expected inside the car. Accurate, responsive, fast and photo-realistic images are all prerequisites that automotive solutions must meet to be considered car-worthy.

    Advanced Driver

  • Vivante
    automotive technologies already power some of the leading graphics display and safety systems found in cars. From digital instrument clusters and in-vehicle infotainment, to Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) safety features, Vivante solutions have been selected by top automotive OEMs to handle these key processing tasks.

    Vivante solutions include
  • 3D cores to create dynamic 3D images and true perspective moving maps with 3D objects and terrain.
  • Composition Processing Cores (CPC) that render the UI with captivating effects and realistic looking dials and gauges.
  • Vector Graphics cores for QoS, accurate needle rendering, and scalable font/line rendering.
  • OpenCL / HSA cores to accelerate vision processing algorithms.

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