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3D HD Maps for Autonomous Driving by Sanborn - Driverless

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3D HD Maps for Autonomous Driving by Sanborn

Sanborn’s Advanced Technology group has created HD Maps for Autonomous Driving.

This uses HD Mapping technology that leverages Aerial Imagery, Aerial Lidar data, and Mobile (driven) Lidar data to create standardized, high-precision 3D base-maps focusing specifically on self-driving vehicle models and markets.

Sanborn™ Maps offer:

  • Accuracy in the 7-10cm absolute ranges.
  • Highly detailed inventories of all stationary physical assets related to roadways such as road lanes, road edges, shoulders, dividers, traffic signals, signage, paint markings, poles, and all other critical data needed for the safe navigation of roadways and intersections by autonomous vehicles.
  • Electronic Horizon Predictive Awareness – autonomous vehicles will know what lies ahead.
  • NDS format compatibility (NAVHD).
  • ADASIS v3 standardization.
  • Proprietary Geo-Database schematics that have been reviewed by top-level DOT industry consultants.
  • Integration compatibility with all forms of Municipal Data, Vehicle Supplied Data, and Crowd-Sourced datasets.
  • Conflation functionality designed to improve the absolute accuracy of 3rd party Road Data (probe or alternative source) to high-precision standards.
  • Online web-based analytics – designed for auto teams to review / discuss vector and point data super-imposed digitally on top of high-resolution imagery.
  • Lightweight data size – data is optimized and compressed for onboard CPU systems.

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