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Lidar Lite v3HP - Autonomous vehicle, Robot & drone applications

LIDAR-Lite v3HP, is a compact, high-performance optical distance measurement sensor from Garmin(TM), for Drone UAV, robot, or Autonomous vehicle applications. The Lidar is IPX7-rated and includes all the existing core features and configurability of the LIDAR-Lite v
Garmin Lidar Lite V3HP.

As an enhanced version of the well established v3, the V3HP can sample faster, at rates greater than 1kHz compared to the v3 of up to 500Hz. Also the v3HP model has a lower current consumption with rates of 40mA less than the v3. This equates to 65mA as opposed to 105mA while idle, and 85mA instead of 130mA while acquiring.

The LIDAR-Lite v3HP has a range of 5cm to 40m and features an edge-emitting, 905nm (1.3 watts), single-stripe laser transmitter, 8m Radian beam divergence, and an optical aperture of 12.5mm. This version of the LIDAR-Lite still operates at 5VDC (6V max) with a peak power of 1.3W and still possesses an accuracy of +/- 2.5cm at greater than 2m. The V3HP is fully user-configurable, with accuracy, operating range and measurement time and can be interfaced via I2C or PWM with the attached 200mm cable.

Resolution: 1 cm

Typical accuracy: +/- 2.5cm at distances greater than 2 meters (Refer to operating manual for complete operating specifications)
Range: 5cm to 40m
Update rate: Greater than 1kHz
Interface: I2C or PWM
Operating voltage: 4.75-5VDC; 6V Max
Current consumption: 65ma idle; 85ma during acquisition
Operating temperature: -20°C to 60°C
Laser wave length/Peak power: 905nm/1.3W
Beam divergence: 8m Radian
Optical aperture: 12.5mm
Water rating: IPX7
Unit dimensions: 24.5x53.5x33.5mm
Weight: 34g (1.2oz)

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