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Drone UAV - SNAPTAIN S5C Wifi FPV with 720P HD Camera

S5C wifi FPV 720P best beginners dronedrone

The Snaptain SC5 is considered to be a good beginners drone, with various features such as:

FPV Real Time Transmission.
This FPV live stream function sends high definition images from the Drone, straight back to your smart phone, effectively giving you a pilots view.

720P HD Camera
The Integrated camera captures stunning footage and crisp videos.

Ease of flight
This Drone comes with various features to get the beginner started quickly, such as one button take off, land and return. Smart voice control, headless mode. Also highly agile 360° Flips & Rolls are achievable.

The S5C drone is made of durable & flexible material which allows the drone to endure some of the bumps whilst learning. A low battery alarm helps to get the drone back safely before the power is lost.

Flight features
Steady altitude hold assures steady hover and maintains altitude, excellent for taking perfect aerial shots and videos. Trajectory Flight is a brand new technology. This enables the operator to draw a flight route on his or her smart mobile screen and the S5C drone will move exactly along the drawn line. PACKING LIST

Equipment supplied:

1 x S5C Quadcopter
1 x 2.4GHz Transmitter (AAA*3 batteries required and not included)
4 x Spare Propellers
2 x Landing Skids
2 x Propellers Cap
4 x Propellers Guards
1 x USB Charger
2 x 3.7V 550mAh Li-ion Battery
1 x Screwdriver
12 x Screws


Note that for modes 2, 3 & 4, the remote must be aligned with the tail of the quadcopter.

1. 3D Flip Function
(Note the quadcopter must fly to a height of at least 3m (10ft) to operate this function). To activate: press the 3D flip button. Push the right joystick to perform a 360 degrees flip in a corresponding direction.

2. Headless Mode
To activate: press the headless mode button, wait for the"Di Di" sound and wait for the LED to flash twice (use the joystick to determine direction). To exit: press the headless mode button again.

3. One Key Return
To activate: press the return key and hold for 2-3 seconds (the quadcopter will return close to its starting point). To exit: press any key.

4. Trajectory Flight
To activate: press the trajectory flight button (use the altitude hold function for a steady flight). To create a flight track: draw on the control panel (tap a blank area to cancel the track). To prolong the flight: adjust the scale on the bottom left of the display To exit: press the trajectory flight button again.

5. Speed Switch
For medium speed: press the speed switch once and listen for two beeps of the remote buzzer.
For high speed: press again and listen for three beeps. To return to low speed: press again and listen for one beep.

6. Pressure Altitude Hold
This mode helps the quadcopter to maintain a (roughly) consistent altitude. The user can control the roll and pitch, lean angles and heading.

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