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Truck & Fleet Advanced Video Monitoring technology


Accident Prevention
Your drivers’ safety and protection of your assets is important to you. Road-iQ’s Playback Mode allows your drivers to see multiple camera views from all around their vehicle, increasing awareness, giving them peace of mind when changing lanes or making turns, and ensuring they are always making safe, informed driving decisions.


Advanced Video Recording and Playback
Reduce liability and record your trips with high quality video footage simultaneously recorded from up to 7 cameras. It also captures a variety of other data such as speed, RPM, fuel consumption, fault codes, and more. Comparable recording devices have degraded quality, limited recording function and are a hassle to find one specific event. Road-iQ allows you to search by time, location and trigger events so you can always find the footage you need.

​Safe Driver Monitoring and Training
With Road-iQ’s safe driver monitoring camera, you can prepare your drivers for the road in an entirely new way. Show your drivers how they are performing by playing back their recorded Road-iQ footage, as well as frame by frame vehicle diagnostics data, such as speed, engine load and more. Archive great footage to show new drivers or to use as benchmarks for continuous improvement.  

​Unmatched Fleet Benefits

Road-iQ gives your fleet managers and drivers the tools they need to operate more efficiently and effectively, resulting in immediate benefits such as:
· Reduced Maintenance Costs
· Reduced Repair Costs
· Reduced Driver Travel Time
· Immediate, Informed Decisions
· Eliminated Blind Spots
· Reduced Accidents
· Data Information For Usage Based Insurance

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