Brilliant - Autonomous Seat Belts for Autonomous vehicles!

Brilliant - Autonomous Seat Belts for Autonomous vehicles! 

You may have gathered, we are big fans of this safety feature.

MFDS is an electrical vehicle safety system that ensures the automatic fastening of seatbelts.

It is the solution for the motorists who for whatever reason do not fasten their seatbelts for every trip. Importantly, it also takes care of those that cannot fasten their own seatbelts, such as small children, the physically handicapped, obese or the elderly.

The MFDS system uses the standard seat belts that we are all used to, utilising the three point system withought compromise on safety

This system can be fitted to any type of vehicle, car, truck, bus or tractor.

Health and Insurance companies will surely love this and the Millions of dollars it will save each year in claims and medical treatments.

And most importantly - wearing your seatbelt may just save your life.

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