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Oct 25

Artificial Intelligence - Just how can we resist it?


According to Elon Musk, robots will be able to do your job better than you, jobs will be lost and he is not sure what to do about that, mentioning this as being a scary problem to him.

Speaking to the National Governors Association he said, "There certainly will be job disruption. Because what's going to happen is robots will be able to do everything better than us. ... I mean all of us," But no job is safe, he says. "Transport will be one of the first to go fully autonomous. But when I say everything — the robots will be able to do everything, bar nothing."

But Musk goes much further than this and believes that the most worrying part of AI is not job loss. He believes that people are not as afraid of the potential of artificial intelligence and the ensuing dominance of robots as they should be, because they don't fully understand the huge impact of all this.

"I have exposure to the most cutting edge AI, and I think people should be really concerned by it," he says....

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Oct 18

Cruise Automation to mass produce a "self-driving ready" vehicle

I see that the founder of Cruise Automation recently announced that they are ready to mass produce a "self-driving ready" vehicle, along with their partner, GM. This will be produced along the lines of the Chevrolet Bolt platform. Apparently this will have all the ingredients that an Autonomous vehicle will need to function, travel,  brake and steer etc. Around fifty vehicles have already been built, mostly for the Fleet market and production is expected to ramp up from here.

Congratulations to them on this achievement, but ithought wishing to sound too churlish, I do feel that this announcement has something of the feeling of a race about it and is more about someone crossing the finishing line, rather than having a true production ready self-driving car.

cruise 27 09 17

To his credit, Doug Parks, GM’s VP of Autonomous Technology and Vehicle Execution, did say that "There's still a lot to be done yet" and there certainly is. I believe these cars will remain in a mechanically and...

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Oct 1

Could AI be the key to true full autonomous driving?

AI small

AI - This innocuous two letter anacronym now seems more prevalent than any other phrase or word in the arena of hot cutting edge technological development, including “Driverless”, “Autonomous vehicles”, “SDC” (Self Driving Cars), “Smart cars” or “Connected cars”. It even has its own domain extension .ai. 

When you search on LinkedIn for example, there are hundreds, if not thousands of people involved with Artificial Intelligence (and deep learning / machine learning).

Why so many people?
The reason for the ai activity, initially at least, is surely the massive push and momentum behind Autonomous driving. The Automotive industry still seems to be where the money is. Quite simply withought ai, we will never see true autonomy, resulting in safe, effective self-driving vehicles, not in my humble opinion anyway.

Vehicles will need far more than just expensive, electronic hardware, Lidar, cameras, sensors and servo motors to drive around by themselves safely. They will need...

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Jul 3

Self-driving vehicles - not just for the future generations to deal with, but for us...

driverless future

Image: Paul Krueger / City of Vancouver, Transportation Planning

We often talk about or hear about amazing new innovations or breakthroughs, but many of us never get to see them as they are too far away, with long development and approval times. One particular example is cancer drugs and treatments, that can often be 20 years from when we hear about them before we see them being used.

Usually it's the next generation will benefit from these and thankfully so.

Occasionally things are developed and are with us much quicker than any of us can imagine. The word is that self-driving or autonomous vehicles are no longer just for the future that someone else has to deal with. They are imminent and for us to deal with. The development is that rapid.

To illustrate the speed of growth, take Tesla Motors. This Electric vehicle manufacturer started out with nothing in 2003. Today it is Americas largest car brand, overtaking Ford who worked at leadership for 114 years compared...

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Nov 23

Further thoughts on how Driverless vehicles will affect Domestic Plane flights

    driverless car blog 
How can this - replace this?

I was just looking back at a previous post, listing a number of things that will be seriously affected by the future deployment of Driverless vehicles.

This was by no means a definitive list and there will I am sure be many more things that will come out "in the wash" as things (rapidly) progress.

The one on the list that really hits me is largely due to its financial value. Money isn't everything of course, and one of the key reasons we look seriously at driverless cars and vehicles is due to the increased safety and the corresponding reduction in deaths and injuries.

But the reason I am looking again at this topic is monetary, because the value concerned is so huge. It will be seriously looked at, if not already, by the big airlines and booking agencies, because of the massive lost revenue at stake. I am talking once again about the impact of the Self driving car on the domestic airline flight market.

Official statistics now show...

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Oct 28

Chinas Self Driving Roadmap for 2021 - Autonomous vehicles biggest plus sign yet?

 driverless 3

Now that China has issued a long-term (but not too long!) roadmap about autonomous vehicles on sale by 2021, what message does this say to the World?

When the Worlds largest Automobile market makes a statement like this, surely that is the clearest signal to us all, that Driverless / Autonomous / Self Driving cars will happen. I admit, I am sure like many people, that every day I have, "will it" / "won't it" happen moments.

The Chinese 450 page roadmap, has been issued by the official Society of Automotive Engineers of China - The SAEC.
This document determines the development of every aspect of the Chinese automotive industry leading up to 2030.

It covers these developments in full co-operation and consensus with the Chinese Automotive industry for self driving cars. However it is clearly a Chinese country led document and will not cover their rapid development target within Europe/USA and other Asian Regions.

The SAEC report has made it very clear that they...

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Sep 5

Driverless Cars - A natural progression?

driverless car blog

A driverless or autonomous Car or Vehicle is possibly the biggest development since the invention of the very first car itself...

But there is no magic launch date or lead up for Driverless vehicles - The Cars and the production technologies are already there - and so also are many of the required Autonomous features. Indeed, some of these have already been with us for years - Radar Cruise Control to save driving too close to the vehicle in front - Automatic braking - Lane assist steering technology - Self parking - Satellite navigation - In Car Wireless.

All these features when put together, form much of the basis that is needed for a driverless car and many of us now already use some or all of these features on a daily basis. Therefore a fully Driverless vehicle surely has to be the next natural step, spurned by the development of all the other things.

We could even say the Driverless industry has almost invented and developed itself from other technologies? Who...

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Sep 5

The (huge) knock on effects of the Driverless revolution

driverless car blogDozens of well-known corporate brands are now developing and building their own Driverless vehicles.
But how will the future look when the Driverless era is actually with us?

For every action there is a reaction and the Driverless revolution is no exception.
The implementation of Driverless Autonomous vehicles, will change if not positively rock many other establishments and industries that have been with us for Centuries.

The change might not necessarilly be bad or negative in every case, but the change will certainly happen.
The question is, just how much change?

Remember we are not just talking about the effects for one Country below, we are talking about the effects on the entire world. 
The figures involved, in terms of People, Revenue, Jobs, are huge, almost incalculable.

Here are some thoughts on just 10 key areas that may be affected (there are certainly many, many more) :

1. The (Multi Billion) Insurance Industry

Everyone is agreed that Driverless Autonomous...

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Sep 4 - The New driverless vehicle products business directory

driverless car blog

Welcome to - The New driverless vehicle products business directory

More, definitely more, to follow soon ....

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