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Vivify Trucks will revolutionize the trucking industry by making trucks smarter, efficient and safer on roads. To achieve this we are developing a kit that can be installed on about any truck and will be able to control and drive the truck autonomously and perform operations with little or no assistance from driver. Our kit and technology would be designed to withstand and work in bad weather including strong winds, rain, snow and fog etc.

We have been hard at work finding autonomous solutions to these common issues faced by truck companies and drivers. Human drivers will still retain override control of the vehicle, but the precision of our onboard artificial intelligence's driving makes trucks equipped with our kits much safer on the road than trucks with only conventional, human drivers. While a human brain can take up to a second to fully process and react to stimulus, an amount of delay that allows for the possibility of a crash, our systems can activate the brakes on a truck in mere milliseconds. With less driver errors comes less accidents, less damage and much lower costs to the truck's owner. Ensuring your vehicle and cargo's safety on the road has never been easier.

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