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The Law & Autonomous Vehicles (Contemporary Commercial Law) - Driverless

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The Law & Autonomous Vehicles (Contemporary Commercial Law)

Autonomous Driving
by Matthew Channon (Author), Lucy McCormick (Author), Kyriaki Noussia (Author)

Many people are asking the question - When will we see autonomous / Self driving vehicles on the roads? The answer is by no means clear, but in some areas and environments, they have already arrived. Key OEMs and technology companies organisations have been involved with the testing of fully autonomous vehicles, at different levels, in many major cities throughout the world including the UK. KPMG predict that the in Britain the CAV (Connected Autonomous Vehicle) industry could create more than 30,000 jobs and be worth in excess of 50 billion GBP to the economy by 2030.

As expected, such a major technological shift brings with it, many new challenges, including various new emerging legal aspects. In line with many other countries looking at Autonomous vehicle technologies, the UK has been closely studying and is now implementing legal reforms, to help to enable a steady transition for Driverless & connected vehicle technology. The Automated and Electric Vehicles Act was passed in 2018 covering insurance of CAV, and the Road Vehicle (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986, are also being revised, to accommodate future highly automated technologies. Guidance about Autonomous vehicle public road testing and cybersecurity has also been offered, but on a non-statutory basis.

As this huge industry rapidly evolves, this book looks in detail at the key legal issues facing autonomous vehicles, such as  insurance, Road testing, product liability, cyber security and data protection. In addition to dealing with specific UK law, it also looks at comparisons with how other countries face the challenges, within Europe, USA and Africa.

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