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Intelligent Decision Technology Support in Practice

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Intelligent Decision Technology Support in Practice (Smart Innovation & Technologies)

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This book contains a collection of innovative chapters taken from topics during the 5th KES International Conference on Intelligent Decision Technologies, which was held during 2013 at Sesimbra, Portugal. The authors were invited to expand their original papers in to the chapters to expand upon IDT methods and applications. The book gives industry leaders contributions, and innovations and acknowledges that researchers recognize that society is familiar with modern Advanced Information Processing and increasingly expect richer IDT systems. Each chapter concentrates on the theory, design, development, implementation, testing or evaluation of IDT techniques or applications. This book is suitable for anyone interested in or already working with IDT or Intelligent Decision Support Systems. It is also suitable for students and researchers seeking to learn more about modern Artificial Intelligence and Computational Intelligence techniques that support decision-making in modern computer systems. 


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