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Automated Highway System - AHS

Glossary of terms - Autonomous / Driverless vehicles & related technologies

Automated Highway System - AHS


Automated Highway System - AHS

An automated highway system or Smart Road, is an intelligent transportation system technology designed primarily for Driverless / Autonomous vehicles on specific, pre-determined routes. It is mainly devised as a means of relieving traffic congestion. These systems greatly reduce distances normally required between the vehicle in front, therefore enabling the road to carry more cars. AHS systems usually are combined with ADAS Driverless vehicle technologies, such as Adaptive Cruise control and Collision avoidance systems.

An example of one scheme, sees the smart roadway supplying simple but robust data, by using magnetic steel sensors, at regular intervals in the road, which the vehicle senses for lane positioning and speed purposes.

The cars have computerized automatic steering and speed controls. They then organize themselves into platoons of eight to twenty-five cars, that travel one meter apart. This is an optimal distance to decrease air resistance and therefore has a resulting, significant increase in fuel efficiency. There is a normal braking distance maintained between platoons, which minimises the damage to just one plattoon in the eent of a collision or incident.

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