PILOT Automotive Labs

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PILOT Automotive Labs
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Our product turns existing cars into smart cars by adding safety and connectivity to cloud and smart cities.

We are a tech startup by technology enthusiasts, passionate about cars and computers. Our mission is to decrease the number of traffic deaths, currently 1.2 million every year, by making cars smarter and safer.

We believe that IoT approach, applied to vehicles, will revolutionize automotive industry and will transform the way we use to commute and deliver goods.

There are over 1.2 Billion cars on the roads, most of them without any advanced safety features while most of the development in the sector targets advanced autonomous driving (level 3 and higher), with its high cost and implementation issues. It will take decades before this approach makes a serious dent in the number of accidents.

At the same time, the propensity for traffic accidents is increasing.

Ubiquity of smart-phones contributes to the distraction of drivers (already 93% of the traffic accidents are happening due to human error). Increased life expectancy and inclusive society has broadened the driver demographics to former risk groups, e.g. elderly.

To solve these challenges, we are building a full stack automotive IoT solution, comprising Hardware, Software and Data/Cloud. PILOT can deliver the performance, cost and convenience suitable for after-market cars through:

• Novel technological solution for situation awareness enables low cost, reduced size and energy consumption

• P&P/stand-alone implementation or integrated installation, allowing any car to benefit from improved safety and connectivity

• Flexible architecture to benefit from V2I and V2X features of Smart City.

Current product lines under development are:

PILOT SHIELD - a connected plug-in device for aftermarket cars to increase safety and driving comfort and bridge the path to autonomous vehicles;

PILOT CARGO - OEM IoT connectivity plug-in with ADAS functionality to provide drivers of new and aftermarket cargo vehicles with modern connectivity and safety features;

PILOT DEV – a developer kit for application research and building an ecosystem around PILOT;

PILOT DRIVENET – automotive IoT cloud service for PILOT users.



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