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Paravan GmbH is the world leader in innovative automobile conversions for drivers with severe disabilities.

Since 1998, Paravan founder Roland Arnold has developed new and innovative products in the area of handicapped mobility.  

Approximately 150 employees individually develop and produce custom adaptive driving products.  These include automobile conversions, power wheelchairs, exercise training machines, seating solutions, ramp systems, wheelchair loading systems and hand devices.  

Paravan’s  drive-by-wire system  is road certified according to ISO 26262 ASIL D and is assembled with a world class quality level IPC-A-600 Class C standard.  

Worldwide, Paravan has accumulated over 120 million kilometers of experience during the past 10 years which supports new technology for the ongoing improvement of Space Drive II. 

Using an active redundancy steering and gas/brake system with multiple relevant safety backups, Space Drive is now being used in vehicles world-wide. This modern technology is the cornerstone for the future of autonomous driving.

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