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Deep Learning Performance Architect

Company Details
Tensyr Inc.
Old Middlefield Way,Mountain View 94043,United States
  • Salary / Remuneration Guide:
  • TBA
  • Experience Level Guide:
  • ● 3+ years of software experience in Unix / Linux, preferably in a high performance environment ● Real-time, low latency applications, and high-rate data processing ● Deep understanding of multi-threading, IPC, and asynchronous dataflows
  • Education Level Guide:
  • MS / PhD in Computer Science or related technical field
  • Employment Duration / Type:
  • Full Time
  • Job Function type:
  • Engineering, 
  • Software, 
  • Linux

Job Details

Deep Learning Performance Architect

The Compute Accelerator team is responsible for fast and efficient execution of deep learning inference, computer vision, and other compute intensive workloads on next generation autonomous vehicles. You’ll be solving difficult problems that have immediate and valuable real-world applications. 

In this role you will: 
● Design, develop, and ship high-performance software on-vehicle including the execution platform for inference, vision and other sensor processing modules 
● Implement systems for high throughput deep-learning based computations on modern SoC, GPU or FPGA compute platforms
● Ensure correctness, performance and reliability of the system
● Influence the product roadmap, and take ownership and responsibility over new projects to make them happen

Experience with the following is highly valuable:
● 3+ years of software experience in Unix / Linux, preferably in a high performance environment 
● Solid C and/or C++ expertise for performance sensitive parallel code 
● Experience with accelerator programming models such as CUDA or OpenCL 
● Prior hands-on experience using GPU, FPGA or other accelerators to offload computational workloads 
● Understanding of high-performance in-memory data structures, ownership transfer mechanisms and RDMA offloading

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