Next Future Transportation

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Next Future Transportation
Type: Design / Research / Development
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NEXT Future Transportation, Inc. intends to revolutionize the world of mass transportation. At the heart of the innovation is an autonomous, modular electric pod, the size of small van, and shaped like a segment of a bus. This autonomous unit is intended to be a building block to an entire new way of moving people and goods from one place to another. Fundamentally, we are solving the most interesting problem in mass transit – how to transport from Place A to Place B without requiring people to change to a bus, train or other mode of transit.

Our solution is based on an unique idea of bringing modules together, so that an “elongated bus-train” can be created, allowing passengers to move from module to module. By enabling dynamic coupling and decoupling, every passenger can be transported in comfort and safety, door-to-door. This solution eliminates the need for a private car, optimizes the use of the infrastructure and uses assets optimally at peak and slack times. It requires no new infrastructure as the modules can use regular roadways. 

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