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At home in the world, with the .global domain

dot global

The domain .global knows no borders or barriers. In September 2014 the worldwide top-level domain (TLD) was launched for all those who think and act on a global scale. Its second anniversary is the perfect opportunity to recall what a .global internet address has to offer.

The new top-level domain .global offers clear advantages for businesses, organizations and communities that want to target an international audience, given that the keyword ‘global’ is almost universally understood. The term also expresses an organisation’s identity, goals and values as intuitively global, understandable, and memorable. In addition, .global can work without limiting the topic or brand to which it is applied.

Global success with a .global TLD

The world is becoming more interconnected. For brands that emphasize their global presence and want to promote their global services and products, the well-defined name path of mybrand.global is ideal. With .global, companies and institutions wishing to unite their global offices or other sub-TLDs under a web presence get a central expressive domain extension. Additionally, .global is suitable for international communities with multi-national users who are keen to communicate with each other and start projects with global peers. And you can, of course, have your matching .global internet address redirected to your existing website, blog, or LinkedIn page.

Keyword Domain driverless.global

It’s also easy to link keywords with a .global TLD in order to address an international audience. This way you can improve your search-engine-optimisation and increase the chance of being found through a keyword domain. One example is the website driverless.global, which is registered with 1&1. Self-driving vehicles are a worldwide trending topic. In this relatively new industry companies must prepare for an international market. Under the valuable domain name driverless.global, the entire field of interest in the Autonomous Vehicle Industry is united in a Listing Service.

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