Chain shine / Qiansheng

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Chain shine / Qiansheng
  • Taipei ,Taiwan
Type: EV Charge Point Installation Service
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  • Commercial and Residential
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Chainshine / Qiansheng

As a new business unit that Qiansheng has been actively preparing for and developing in recent years, in particular, it has cooperated with the world's largest Electric Vehicle manufacturer, Tesla, to install electric vehicle charging stations, and cut into the new environmental protection concept of electric vehicles from fuel consumption.
Tesla charging

In 2016, the global sales of pure electric vehicles (excluding commercial vehicles) reached 503,000, which is 52.9% higher than the 329,000 vehicles in 2015. Compared with the automobile market of about 90 million vehicles in that year, the scale is still small. There is clearly a huge potential for growth.

Qiansheng will seek cooperation with international car manufacturers in Europe and Asia, and advance the goal of establishing a good and fully trusted construction team in the north, south and south regions. In the future, we will continue to improve the construction of Taiwan's electric vehicle infrastructure. However, in view of the scale of the Taiwan market, we will also actively expand our overseas markets, integrate cross-strait resources, expand overseas business, and move toward the global electric vehicle market.

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